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Early Career Researcher Living Light 2021 -online-

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Abstract submissions have now closed.  If you are interested in attending without presenting, please register here ( or email  We look forward to seeing you in September!
We are pleased to announce a one-day Living Light online meeting for Early Career Researchers on 22nd/23rd September 2021. The conference will be run in two sessions:

California time

6am - 10am (22nd) & 9pm - 1am (22nd-23rd)

London time

2pm-6pm (22nd) & 5am - 9am (23rd)

Sydney time

11pm-3am (22nd-23rd)  & 2pm - 6pm (23rd)

We will bring together any early career biologists, chemists, physicists, material scientists whose work is related to vision or optics in nature, with a particular emphasis on promoting discussion across disciplines. We especially encourage participation by researchers in groups underrepresented (by eg. disability, ethnicity) in STEM. We will invite abstract submissions for both:

  • live 10-minute video conference presentations

  • posters / flash presentations


Abstract submissions will be open from 1st May - 15th June 2021 and the programme will be finalised by 31st July. We’d especially like to encourage submissions in the following themes and topics: 

  • Biological photonic structures

  • New techniques in imaging, measurement or modeling of bio-optical systems

  • Development of structural colors in living organisms

  • Function, ecology & evolution of structural colors

  • Visual ecology and colour 

  • Bioinspired photonics

  • Bioluminescence 

  • Biochemistry of natural photonic structures

  • Photosynthetic materials

  • Optimization of light harvesting in nature


Attendance will be free of charge. Please save the date, share the news amongst your networks, and keep an eye out for when submissions open. We hope that you will be able to join us for as much of the meeting as possible. 

We’re looking forward to seeing you virtually in September!

Best wishes, 

the ECR Living Light Online committee

Rox Middleton
Michael Bok
Amanda Holt Jones
Sébastien Mouchet
Miranda Sinnott-Armstrong
Daniel Wangpraseurt
Ming Xiao


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